Wednesday, August 26, 2009

suggested readings for Part I

Paper - I

1. Define fiction/ Nature of fiction.
2. How is novel different from drama.
3. Stream of consciousness novel.
4. Autobiographical novel.
5. Picaresque novel.

Silas Marner:
1. Character of Silas Marner.
2. Plot construction of Silas Marner.
3. Elements of Chance and accident in Silas Marner.

1. Definition of drama/ Nature of drama.
2. Elements of fiction.
3. University Wits.
4. Sentimental and anti-sentimental Comedy.
5. Shakespearean Comedy/ Shakespearean Tragedy.
6. Problem Play.

She Stoops to Conquer:
1. She Stoops to Conquer as a comedy.
2. Characters: Miss Hardcastle, Marlow.
3. Plot of She Stoops to Conquer.

Short Notes:

Short Story, Historical Novel, Gothic Novel, Melodrama, Mime, Soliloquy, Farce, Asides, Three Unities, Closet-drama.

Paper - II.

1. Definition of Poetry and kinds of Poetry.
2. Nature of Poetry.
3. Sonnets.
4. Ode, Epic, Narrative Poetry, Elegy.
5. Treatment of Nature in poetry.
6. Romantic Poetry.
7. Victorian Poetry.

Rime of the Ancient Poetry:
Supernatural Elements.
Role of Albatross.
theme of sin and redemption.


Poison Tree
Porphyria,s Lover.
To His Coy Mistress.
Brek, Break, Break.

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