Monday, February 17, 2014

English Hons, D-II, 2014    

Suggested Readings:
Group- A
Impact of Renaissance
Elizabethan Poetry
Metaphysical Poetry
Development of Drama in Restoration Period
Shakespearean Drama
Chaucer as the Father of English Poetry
Origin of Drama:Mystery, Miracle and Morality Plays
Social, political and religious condition in the Age of Chaucer
17th Century Prose
University Wits

Chaucer as the father of English Poetry
Character sketch of Macbeth/ Banquo
Role of Destiny in Macbeth
Macbeth as a tragedy of ambition
Swift as a satirist
Meditation upon a Broomstick/ Letter of Advice to Young Poet
School for Scandal as a comedy
Lady Sneerwel/ Joseph Surface
School for Scandal as anti-sentimental comedy
Discuss the Title of School for Scandal
Critical analysis of Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
Use of Humour in Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

Victorian Poetry
19th Century Prose
Irony in Jane Austen’s novel
Romantic Poetry
Browning as a poet
Pre Raphaelite Poetry
Gothic Romance
Victorian Prose

Justify the Title of Pride and Prejudice
Character sketch of Elizabeth/Darcy
David Copperfield as a social novel
Character of David
David Copperfield as a tale of sorrow
Justify the Title of Importance of Being Earnest
Character sketch of Lady Bracknell/ John Worthing
Importance of Being Earnest as a Farce
Importance of Being Earnest as a Comedy of Manners